celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Bit of a blitz.

On the freeway yesterday morning, and not before time. First of all there was a Kojak with a Kodak on the overpass at Northcliffe Drive; as usual, everybody jumps on the picks as soon as … [Read more]

X Games XIV

Quiet afternoon at home this arvo so I was surfing the channels on AUSTAR. Found the X Games XIV broadcast on ESPN. Great entertainment for a couple of hours. The skateboard guys in the … [Read more]

Off the road again.

With apologies to Willie Nelson.... My first day for over 7 months without a bike. And it's looking like it could be quite a few weeks till I am back in the saddle, depending on the … [Read more]

What’s in the water?

At Wakefield Park on Sunday, David Curtis and I were speculating as to why there is a disproportionate number of Australians competing at the top level in World Championships overseas when … [Read more]

Of MCC and things.

I went to the monthly meeting of the MCC last night. The Motorcycle Council of NSW is an umbrella group that represents the interests of motorcyclists in NSW in particular as far as … [Read more]

Beautiful Sunday.

What a great day. I drove down to Wakefield Park today to help commentate the bike race meeting there. I have memories of some bitter winter days at the Goulburn circuit, so I went well … [Read more]