celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

MotoGp musings: Part the fifth.

With most teams already settled there are only a few seats yet to be filled, but the speculation about the final ones is still fascinating. The first one concerns the long-rumoured 3rd … [Read more]

Congratulations, Troy Bayliss.

"Our" Troy has just clinched his 3rd World Superbike crown. He has raced a total of 150 races in the WSBK, and has won 50 races and 3 titles. All three titles have been won on Ducatis, but … [Read more]

Here’s some photos from the trip.

At the Road Warriors Cafe. Waiting at road works. This happened quite a lot The mall in Port Macquarie. The photo was taken from the waterfront and the Hotel Macquarie is the … [Read more]

Look back in anger.

On the way home from the Putty Ride a couple of weekends ago, my left hand mirror started to vibrate, but, as we were close to home, I let it go until we got home and went out to the garage … [Read more]

Fun times at “The Brickyard”

Last weekend's meeting at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (hereinafter to be referred to a IMS) didn't really prove a great deal, except for what we already knew; that Valentino Rossi is … [Read more]

On the road again.

It's only been 6 weeks, but it seems longer. Finally my recalcitrant insurance company has paid out and I am back on two wheels. After a long and not that difficulty search, the choice … [Read more]