celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Of MCC and things.

I went to the monthly meeting of the MCC last night. The Motorcycle Council of NSW is an umbrella group that represents the interests of motorcyclists in NSW in particular as far as … [Read more]

Beautiful Sunday.

What a great day. I drove down to Wakefield Park today to help commentate the bike race meeting there. I have memories of some bitter winter days at the Goulburn circuit, so I went well … [Read more]

It’s an ill wind.

Wollongong lived up to its reputation of the windy city with a wild night for the coastal capital last night. At Bellambi, just north of the city, a gust of 109km/h was recorded and it … [Read more]

A sobering reminder.

Sadly, a young local motorcyclist was involved in a accident this morning, a collision with a truck. I don't know all the details and I probably wouldn't divulge them here even if I knew … [Read more]

It’s tough work, but…

somebody has to do it.. I worked at Port Kembla School today. This is view of the car park. And this is what can be seen from the windows of many of the classrooms. Tough, eh? Oh, and … [Read more]

It just wasn’t going to happen.

Woke up this morning; what a glorious-looking day. Got stuck into the chores and wrapped them up about lunch time. Mmm, coffee and a pie sounds good. Gear on, warm up the bike, noticing some … [Read more]