celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

It just wasn’t going to happen.

Woke up this morning; what a glorious-looking day. Got stuck into the chores and wrapped them up about lunch time. Mmm, coffee and a pie sounds good. Gear on, warm up the bike, noticing some … [Read more]

Lake Conjola bends..aarrrrrggghh!!!!!

Paul and I went fishing down the coast yesterday. We left real early so that we could get as much time on the wharf as possible and the traffic was minimal; like, I mean, non-existant. We … [Read more]

“The Long Way Round.”

Sheesh, talk about the "Long Way Round." Had to teach at Dapto High today, but the bridge over the railway line on Cleveland Road, just outside the school gate, is closed for a major … [Read more]

“Rainy days and Mondays always make me cry.”

Why is it that, for even the shortest ride, if it's raining, you still have to fully "gear up"? The questions is rhetorical, as I already know the answer, but it's worth asking … [Read more]

Some days are diamonds..

and some days are stones, as John Denver used to say. You can go for months without having a drama and then they seem to come along all together. Today on the way home from school, I had … [Read more]

Back to work, slave!

Well, the school holidays are over and I've never been gladder to get back to work. As noted below, the holidays have been extremely boring and I'm looking forward to school tomorrow where I … [Read more]