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Comments, please.

It's taken me some time to get this thing happening properly and I'm almost there. I am at the stage now where I have enabled the "Comments" feature that will enable you to make comments on … [Read more]

Testing concludes for 2008.

While the major teams tested at Jerez last week, Suzuki and Kawasaki both tested at Phillip Island; similar strategy but for different reasons. For Kawasaki there is no doubt that they want … [Read more]

Another Aussie gets the call.

This is breaking news from crash.net last night. "New Superstock 1000 Champion Brendan Roberts will graduate to the World Superbike Championship in 2009 with Guandalini Ducati, Crash.net … [Read more]

Pssst, hey, Bud, wanna buy an Aprilia??

Interesting news item here. Apparently the Aprilia factory is selling off its collection of 500cc Grand Prix bikes from the late 1990's. These were the bikes ridden by McWilliams and Harada … [Read more]

The “Other” V4.

Unlike Honda's steadfast refusal to update the aging VFR, Italian manufacturer, Aprilia, is about to enter the market with a sports bike based on the V4 concept. Having made a name for … [Read more]

Web site update.

Tonight I have updated my web site. I have published Chapter 3 of My Motobiography here.....and the 2nd chapter of The Ride That Shall Not Be Mentioned, here And I have also updated the … [Read more]