celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

MotoGp Teams for 2009.

As a PSA for all my readers (laughs nervously), here is a listing of the confirmed MotoGp teams and riders for 2009. I am just calling the teams by the bikes rather than by their, often … [Read more]

My 4-wheeled hat.

As you will hopefully read soon when my full web site is up and running, I have another motorsport life away from motorcycling and motorcycle road racing. For over 30 years I have been a … [Read more]

Web Site Design: Help Needed.

Over the last few months I have been putting together a lot of content for my "Half of my Life" web site. Despite continual promises from my designer that he will have my site finished … [Read more]

Oran Park Update:

I'm indebted to a good mate, Gary, who was an official at OP on Sunday, for this detailed comment on the accident and its aftermath. It really does show you how we were kept "in the dark" … [Read more]

A day at the races..with apologies to the Marx brothers.

I spent the day at Oran Park today, assisting with the commentary for the final round of the Honda MPE/Rjays/St George Series. It was a beautiful day, weather-wise, but a pretty harrowing … [Read more]

The reign in Spain. MotoGp musings: Part the Seventh.

We all know that the World Superbike Championship rules have always been framed so that they offer a significant advantage to 2 cylinder motorcycles over 4 cylinder motorcycles. For many … [Read more]