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MotoGp Musings..

Fascinating racing last night, though disappointing from an Aussie point of view. Casey's crash when he had a commanding lead is being touted on most American forums as evidence that Casey … [Read more]

The search begins.

I spent a bit of time today trolling through the various bikes sales sites on the net starting to look for a replacement bike. I've got a short list of about 8 bikes, 4 of which are in NSW … [Read more]


Thank God the funeral is over. What a harrowing day. Nevertheless it was good to be there and to show support and compasson to the family. I've started making up a short list of potential … [Read more]

Small advances

The insurance company has made an offer on the bike; less than what I was hoping for, but more than they could have, so I guess I should be grateful. Will have to stump up some cash to get … [Read more]

The coming men.

One of the pastimes that has brought me the most joy over the years of following road racing has been playing the game of "spot the talent", and I've played it pretty successfully. I saw … [Read more]

Bit of a blitz.

On the freeway yesterday morning, and not before time. First of all there was a Kojak with a Kodak on the overpass at Northcliffe Drive; as usual, everybody jumps on the picks as soon as … [Read more]