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Orphans Pt3

While it is generally considered that the Americans invented the concept that, “If some is good, more is better” it was slavishly followed by the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers during the … [Read more...]

Every picture tells a story Pt2

There are dozens of pictures on the internet of riders being "encouraged" by their pit crew to try harder in races. The most famous of these is this one. Soili Saarinen doing pit board duties … [Read more...]


One of the joys of riding in Canberra while I lived there was exploring the backroads. Yes, I know that visitors to town are more likely to be confused by Canberra's URBAN roads network (and justly … [Read more...]

Another long weekend

Facebook reminded me this morning that it is Chris Vermeulen's birthday today. He will be 37 years old, they say. The Aussie WSBK and MotoGp star has long retired from racing but is keeping his hand … [Read more...]

A Tuesday funny

I just thought that this might lighten your day! … [Read more...]

The morning after the night before

As usual (now that the races are back in a sensible time zone) I stayed up and watched the MotoGp live feed last night. Just when you thought you had seen it all, the broadcast delivered two races … [Read more...]