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Half-yearly reports

One of the things that I don't miss now that I am not teaching full-time any more, is filling out student reports. Back in the bad old days they were all done by hand and, with my dreadful … [Read more...]

A red letter day

Today is a very important day for me. It is five years today since I did my first Half of my Life blog entry. In that time I have posted over 1200 posts, received and replied to over 800 comments and … [Read more...]


You know what they say about them so I won't repeat it. But it has been a very interesting year for them as the so-called "experts" try to grapple with the problem of just how much Rossi's barren two … [Read more...]

The best of times

It is the tendency of every generation to look back into the past and think that what WAS was better than what IS. That's basic human nature. And so it is with motorcycling. The older generation … [Read more...]

BMW Concept 90

While I was preparing the article on Paul Kirkman's special BMW racer, a coincidence occurred that was too interesting to ignore. Unfortunately, it has taken me this long to get it down here so the … [Read more...]