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The top 10 motorcycling myths

When I first set out to write my blog, over 10 years ago, my WordPress “guru”, Chris Mundy, gave me lots of valuable advice. But the most valuable of all of his pointers was this one. “Original content, Phil,” he said, “That’s what people want to read. 90% of stuff on the internet is someone commenting on what someone else has said; hardly anybody is posting up their own, unique viewpoint. Don’t fall into that trap.”

I have made that my mantra ever since. On only a handful of occasions have I reprinted someone else’s article and, when I have done so it has been because the person has expressed what I was thinking so much better than me that it seemed pointless to try and duplicate their ideas. What you read here will always be my thoughts, my take on a given situation and, as always, the buck stops here.

Today, however, I AM going to reprint someone else’s article, It is an old one, from 2013 and was originally published on the excellent VisorDown web site. The author is Simon Hargraves and I hope you enjoy what he has written on the top 10 things we think we know about motorcycling but which we actually don’t. Many of the ideas expressed here I have also commented on at various times, but he sums the whole thing up so well.