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MotoGp silly season

photo courtesy of autoevolution

MotoGp silly season seems to happen earlier every year than it did the year before. Soon we will not HAVE a silly season as the contents of next year’s grid will have been determined before this year’s first race has taken place. Suffice it to say that the make-up of next year’s grid is pretty much determined by today, exactly half way through 2018. So, with what other lies, half-truths, rumours and speculation are we left? Here’s the latest.

Andrea Iannone has announced this morning that he won’t be with Suzuki in 2019. No word as the WHERE he will be but the smart money is that he will be returning to Ducati to replace Lorenzo, of whom more later.

In spite of my earnest expectations, it looks like Crazy Joe’s place at Suzuki will be taken by rising star, Joan Mir who looks likely to be doing what will soon be the expected transition to the big class after only one year in the intermediates. I expected Honda to exercise their strength and snatch Mir to replace Dani but it seems that Repsol money has spoken loud and Dani will stay at the Factory Honda outfit.

As predicted in my last post it may, indeed be the Last Post for Marc VDS, the rumours gaining momentum that they will be quitting as a team at the end of 2018.

Now, the on-going Yamaha saga. In the last couple of days Yamaha team manager, Lin Jarvis, has said that there “could be a place at Yamaha” for Jorge Lorenzo but he provided no more detail than that. Now, it seems that what he meant is becoming clear. A Malaysian motorsports web site this morning announced that Yamaha will be founding a NEW satellite team, funded by the Malaysian petrochemical giant, PETRONAS and featuring the Malaysian rider presently at Tech III, Hafizh Syahrin AND Jorge Lorenzo! This one move comprehensively solves the problem of what to do with the “troublesome” Lorenzo AND how to get 4 Yamahas on the grid in 2019. Syahrin has been steady but unspectacular at Tech III and the Yamaha suits Lorenzo’s style the best so it will be a win for both. It also solves the problem of how was any team going to be able to pay Lorenzo what he (and most of us) reckon he is worth. PETRONAS has squillions so it won’t be a problem for them at all!

So it’s all starting to make sense. Miller or Petrucci  or Iannone (toss a coin) to replace JL99 at Ducati and it’s pretty much stitched up. As usual, this could all fall over and be totally wrong by the time that you read this  but, as usual, remember that you read it here first.