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Memories of Bathurst 2000

It seems amazing that the last time that bikes raced at Bathurst was 10 years ago at the “Bikes are Back at Bathurst” Easter Carnival. What should have been the beginning of a great new era of bike racing on the mountain degenerated into a farce when one of Sydney’s leading television stations reneged on a deal to televise the event at the last minute. It led to bankruptcy and financial ruin for the promoter who had staked everything on the deal and left a very bitter taste in the mouth of everyone involved in the promotion and running of the meeting.

The on-track action was, however, superb, with Team Yamaha rider, Kevin Curtin riding the programme.

I was head of Commentary that weekend and thoroughly enjoyed being back on the mike after a gap of 20 years since my last Bathurst. The reason for this post today is because I have discovered this amateur video from Bathurst 2000 on youtube.

At about the 1 minute mark and onwards you see a scene in the pits of the Macintosh Suzukis and, in the background, you can hear someone talking over the PA system. That someone talking  is, ME!!! Needless to say, I was stunned when I watched this clip.


  1. Good find Phil!
    That was the last time i was at Bathurst for a bike meeting too.Real shame the track is only suitable for four wheel racing these days & i find the Taxi’s pretty boring apart from the first lap & last.
    BTW Did you end up ordering Groz’s Book yet? I sent him an email saying what a great read it is & he replied & thanked me for buying it.


    • No, I haven’t. Thanks for reminding me! Will get onto it today. I have plenty of time for reading just now!