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Boring bikes.

I think you’d agree that the main reason we ride is for the excitement. So, why is it that Japanese manufacturers continue to play it safe and deliver us bikes that have had all the excitment extraced from them during their progress down the assembly line?

The question is rhetorical, of course. They do so because manufacturing and marketing decisions are now made by accountants, not engineers and enthusisasts.

The classic case in point can be made by two entries from my favourite manufacturer, Honda. The names HAVEN’T been changed to protect the guilty, but you could equally trot up examples from the other manufacturers as well.

1. Honda CB1000F

Competent, but boring.

2. Honda CB1100

Again, competent, but boring.

Why would anyone buy either of these bikes when there are other bikes, even from this manufacturer, that would do just as good a job AND deliver excitement as well?

On a brighter subject, now that my scanner is working I can actually get some work done on some old pictures. Here’s a gem that was sent to me by the dad of the late Marcus Payten. Marcus was tragically killed in a dirt bike accident a number of years ago, but, before that, he thrilled Australian crowds with his elbow-dragging style on a Yamaha TZ . Enjoy.


  1. I actually like the styling on both bikes even though im not a great Honda fan,i guess ya put a product out there some people will like it some wont

    • Phil Hall says

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like the styling. It’s just that the specs and overall package don’t really have anything exciting about them. But, as you say, some people will buy. After all, some people even buy cruisers, don’t they??????

  2. The CB1100 is a great looking bike i.m.o.,having test rode one it was ok but i wouldn’t buy one unless the price comes way down.
    The Honda CB1000F errr no thanks.