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Save the Oxley


Taina is saying, “I think it’s that way!”

Long-term lifers will know how addicted I am to that wonderful strip of road known as the Oxley Highway. Starting at Port Macquarie and ending at Nevertire, it runs for 653km through a widely differing range of countrysides. Of course, the section of road that concerns me and all motorcyclists the most is the 60-odd kilometres of road that lifts the highway away from the coastal plain, through rain forest hills and valleys and deposits it on the tablelands of the Great Dividing range.

Lately, however, this Mecca for Motorcyclists has come under threat from the authorities (otherwise known as the fun police) who announced a month or so ago that the speed limit on much of the iconic road was to be decreased in the name of “Road Safety”. Regardless of the statistics that show a minimal amount of injuries amongst users of the highway, they, nevertheless decided that they knew what was best for us and that was that.

Except that it WASN’T. Totally unaware of what their proposed actions would have they were shocked when an online petition quickly raised THOUSANDS of signatures opposing the move. And in a totally unexpected move, they decided that they would put the proposed changes “on hold” while further investigations were done, completely on the basis of an overwhelming opposition to their plans.

I dutifully signed the petition but with a certain premonition that, having decided to do something, the nature of governments is to plough ahead regardless of ANY sensible suggestions as to why they shouldn’t. I was amazed when the back-flip, even if it was a temporary one, took place.

Well, the motorcycle fraternity, having been regularly shafted by governments of all persuasions over the years, have not been sitting on their laurels. Led by the Motorcycle Council of NSW, this Saturday sees the staging of the “Save the Oxley” ride, starting at either Wauchope or Walcha and meeting in the middle at Ginger’s Creek cafe for a council of war. Follow the link below or log onto the “Save the Oxley Ride” page on Facebook.

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend with speedway duties occupying me that day, but I WILL be with them in spirit and, if you CAN attend, I most heartily encourage you to do so. Let’s keep the pressure on and stop the bureaucrats messing with our favourite roads.

Save the Oxley Facebook page.

Ride details and petition point.

Save the Oxley video

If ever something was worth getting up and fighting for, this one is it!


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